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~ 2010-07-03

It's a free sofa which contains 10 menus,27 animations!
3 people can sit at the same time or 2 people when the couple menus work.
In this sofa, there are many animations like funny instant jokes,really romantic anims for lovers or ordinary relaxing anims.
*No ADULT anims include.


SOFA 7prim
BALL 2 to 3prim
Last year, I have made HD RETRO SOFA as a free gift item for limited amount of time. Now it is available again at my store again, as a Lucky Board item.

Please come get this sofa if you did not get last time.

This sofa is originally made to promote adult verifications for Second life residents. The lucky board is placed at an adult SIM.
Please make sure you have age verified or payment info registered (and made a payment to Linden Lab at least once) before you enter this SIM.

If you have verified above and still can not get into this SIM, please check your preference>General>Ratings of your SL viewer.

(Edit menu > Preferences > General tab > Rating: > Set "I want to access content rated:" pull down menu to be "PG Mature and Adult")


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