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HD SHOP POLICY /General FAQ (English)

~ 2006-06-10
Thank you for shopping at Happy Dispatch!

The following are answers to some common questions. Please read before contacting me. It saves time for both you and me :)



Q: I bought this item from you but I can't find it in my inventory!
(or Your vendor just took my money, but I didn't receive anything!)

A: Doing the following solves most of the problems when you can't find what you bought:

1) Use the search functionality to look for items in your inventory. Using Recent Items tab and Filters also helps. You may not find it where you expect it, but most of the times it's actually in your inventory.

2) Give it an hour. Sometimes SL can be really slow when delivering items.

3) Open your preference (ctrl-P), press Network tab, hit Clear Cache button and restart your SL client. This will straighten out most of the problems with inventory items not correctly showing.

4) Check your transaction history and see if you actually bought the item (
You may find it silly but it happens :p


Q: I lost/broke this item I bought from you. What do I do?

A: It depends on the item permissions. Please note that I can't be held responsible for Linden Lab's fault or yours. I suggest filing a bug report instead of IMing me if it's an SL bug.

Clearing cache described above solves a lot of inventory loss problems. Also, Linden Labs can sometimes recover items that are lost due to SL database problems. Please refer to the official SL website for the reporting procedure.

[Items disappearance policy]
Deletion,disappearance or damage are faults of the server or you. We do not take any responsilbility for them. Please buy with your self responsibility.
However we will support 'copiable' items which are bought within a month.

Non-Transferrable Items:
We do however replace no transfer items such as wigs, as long as your exact avatar name is on our account history. Check your transaction history ( and let me know the exact item name, date of purchase and the name of purchaser. I'll check with my history and send you the replacement ASAP.

Transferable Items:
I DO NOT replace or refund transferable items that were lost because of SL bugs and glitches. There is no way to prove that you didn't intentionally break or lose the item or that you actually broke or lost it. I appreciate your understanding.

To find out lost items,it will be helpful the site below.

Quite a few people complain to us with their misunderstanding.
The first thing that you must do is that you go to find the missing item again and confirm that you are sure it's lost.
Then if it was not your misunderstanding, it happened between you and the server by Linden Lab., so please know it's them who you need to inquire to.


Q: Can I get refund/replacement for this item I bought?

A: The answer is basically "No" unless it's entirely my fault. I provide demos for most of my products. Please try them out before purchase.

I do however offer updating for BUG. Contact me via Notecard first and send over the old item. Note that I don't replace items that have missing parts (i.e. animations and scripts).

Q: I placed your pose balls in my place but they are missing!

A: This can happen when you log off or crash, or when the sim/grid goes down while you are sitting on them. In most cases they are not missing but just invisible.
Select View > Highlight Transparent (Ctrl-Alt-T) and you will see them. Sit on them again and they'll show up correctly.


Q: Your product just stopped working! Is it broken?

A: Rez or wear the item and right-click it, then select Edit from pie menu. Select Tools > Reset Scripts in Selection from top menu while the item is highlighted in yellow glow. This will solve most of the script errors.

Q: I want to purchase X number of your items. Can I get volume discount?

A: I don't offer any other discount service other than the ones specified in my store.

Q: Where do I get the skin/shape/clothes I see on your ads?

A: Please refer to the article on our website beside the picture of the items (poster).
If blank it means I forgot the shop.

Q: I have an idea for a product. Do you do made-to-order?

A: I don't simply have time for that, sorry, but I love suggestions! I can't promise whether/when I actually do it though.

Q: I see empty spots in your store. Can you host my vendors?
Q: Can you customize this product of yours? I'll pay!
Q: I want to use your animations in my furniture. Can you sell them with full perms?
Q: I have this fantabulous idea that would work great with your products. Why not have a joint venture?

A: I'll be brief. The answer is NO, NO, NO friggin NO.

**End of FAQs**

Don't hesitate to contact me as a note card. if reading the FAQ above doesn't help you, but please state your business first. I don't respond to just "hi" and "you there?"

Due to the amount of IMs I get, there are times I can't fully give you my attention. Most of the customer support IMs takes up 30 minutes of my time at the least. Multiply that by the number of customers and all the SL glitches... well, you get the idea ;)

Please note that English is not my primary language. I appreciate your patience with my slow response and some weirdness due to the stupid machine translation.

Thank you,
hiko Nino

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