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Info::Reducing prices for HD adult animation balls!

9in1 BALL 399L→299L
6in1 BALL  245L→145L
4in1 BALL  299L→195L
2in1 BALL145L→65L
Love bath ball 200L→100L

Other than that, most adult animation balls prices have been reduced like half price to 100L$ off from original price.
Each ball contains multiple animations - it is fun riding balls as is, or you can put animations and put them into your furnitures!(need a Corresponding script)
Please check the prices in the marketplace.

~ 2012-08-26

Group gift5:Multi Animation dumbbell


Latest group gift is called HD Multi Animation DUMBBEL, contains 6 animations.
You just need to wear and choose the animation. Workout anytime anywhere!

This is subscriber-only gift. All subscribers as of August 22 2012PDT can receive this item.
To get this, please come down to headquarter store and touch the gift giver (Kiosk SISBOX) then select the number of gift item from dialog menu.
and select "Deliver" to receive the gift.
Please note: If you unscribe and re-subscribe to the group after August 22PDT, you can not receive the gift since your subscription date has been renewed.

Au revoir!



~ 2012-08-23