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NEW::2style couple bench

~ 2010-07-10
Now we have indoor version of HD GARDEN BENCH!
Especially for some couples who been a bit too shy for cuddling outside!

Animations are exactly same ones for HD GARDEN BENCH. Please not to be confused.
This animated bench includes a wide variety of 52 animations in total!
The bench includes 6 patterns (plus one bonus pattern) of SIT/FUN animation for 3 friend usage(24 animations in total).
Also includes 10 patterns of initimate animation for couple usage(26 animations in total).

This bench is suitable when spending an intimate moment with your lover in your own garden,
and you can also quickly provide a seat when your unexpected friend shows up.

Animiations for 3 friends usage and couple usage have a wide variety.

For 3 friend usage, the bench varies from normal sitting animations to original fun animations to enjoy with your friends.
All 3 people will have different animations, so even with 6 patterns plus one bonus pattern, gives you 21 animations in total.
Animations for couple usage varies from light romantic animations to passionate intimate animations.
※The bench does not include SEX animation. This bench is intended for public area use only.

Entire set of 30 seconds or more animations is carefully made for this bench!

A design is two type!


You can change textures of wood part. 3 colors - Natural, Brown and Black.
Cover textures have 10 designs you can choose from.
Mostly retro and pop designs so kind of flashy though. Please decorate your room with this bench like a piece of art - since bench is rather smaller size!

HD vintage bench(web)
The designs of a seat are a leather of six colors, and five retro patterns.

A bench is the only 4prim, it is 7prim even if REZ does BALL.
Permisson of this product is MOD/NOCOPY/TRANS.

Please come and try the DEMO with your friends and your lover!

Best regards!