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~ 2010-04-29
I have remade toolbox/noodlestand/easel/painting camper series with sculpted prims.
Reduced numbers of prims a lot.

Added LANGUAGE option to menu.
If you select Japanese, both Japanese and English chat message will be displayed to user.

For exsiting owners who wish to receive updates:

I have sent update to you already if you have purchased copy-able versions prior to Feb 2009. *1
If you have purchased after Feb 2009, please use update ticket. *2

If you have purchased transfer-able version,
Create a new folder, rename the folder to be your avatar name, puts your camp item into it then please send the folder to hiko nino.
If you just send me object itself, it will be hard for me to distinguish which object sent by whom. Worst case I can not support you if the object has been damaged, or have some issues with animations/scripts if you just sent me the object without folder.
So it is very important to have your avatar name for the folder when you send me for updates. Thank you for understanding.

If you have purchased copy-able version and have no update tickets, nor have not received update from me, please send me a notecard for requesting update with a LM of your camp item placed. If you are not using it, please place it as temporary off.


::::How to use the upgrade ticket::::

1. wear the upgrade ticket on your body
2. come closer to the 'UPDATE SERVER' at HD mainshop and touch it

Best regards.

painting poster