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NEW::[HD]Animal Cube Stool gacha

Now I have released new gacha, animal designed stools!
Lovely animals that in this set are "DUCK", "PIG", "COW" and "UNICORN".

There are two kinds of sizes, M and XL for this stool and Each size got its own animation.
The bigger ones you can sit down with luxurious extra space. It is pretty big in size-wise and look-wise, thus 4 stools (of total 14)  in this collection are XL.
The smaller ones it is rather tight when 2 people sitting down though you can put many of these stool in your place and it's super cute!

All stools are up to 2 person to sit.

50L$ for 1 play and no disappointment!  Everything you get is so cute.

Of course all original HD animation and mesh!
*You can always check the DEMO at HAPPYDISPATCH headquarter. Please come check out.

This item is available at Gacha Garden event.
There is a special prize only you can win at the event!
Hope you would come and play!

  • /////EVENT info
  • Event period: 2/1~2/22

  • + Event Website +

  • + How It Works +
  • - Every time a player makes 20 pulls on any single machine they will be given a very special reward.
  • - The Seeds of Inspiration are no copy/ yes transfer just like a normal gacha but they cannot be won by chance. They are instead awarded on the 20th pull.
  • - The Seed of Inspiration items will be retired at the end of the event and will never be made available again.
  • ///////

It will be excellent if you add your Frickr photo using this item to HD flickr group.
I don't want to miss out any of your great piece using HD products! Thank you for all the happiness!


This gentleman stool with such attractive hip is exclusive prize for The Gacha Garden February round.
You can get this one by playing HD Animal Cube Stool at The Gacha Garden every 20 times .
Texture changer included.
The Dandy brown, The Sexy tan, which gentleman would you like choose?


HAPPY DISPATCHから新作のお知らせです。

動物をモチーフにしたスツールのガチャを発売しました    !

1プレイ50L はずれなし!何があたったってかわいいです。



  • /////The Gacha Garden EVENT情報

  • + 期間  + 2/1~2/22
  • + webサイト+

  • + How It Works +
  • - プレイヤーはThe Seeds of Inspiration という非常に特別な報酬が与えられます。
  • - The Seeds of Inspiration はレアアイテムのように偶然手にはいる事はありません。
  • 20回プレイすると必ず当たります。
  • 通常のガチャアイテムのようにNOCOPY/TRANSFEです。
  • - The Seed of Inspiration のアイテムはイベント期間中のみしか手に入りません。
  • 各ショップのガチャマシンで再販されることはありません。
  • ※The Seeds of Inspiration 以外のアイテムはイベント後も販売されることがあります
  • /////



ガチャガーデンのHD Animal Cube Stoolのガチャを20回プレイする毎に貰えます。

The Gacha Garden open now

~ 2016-02-02

HD GACHA COIN application foam/Jan 2016


One of following HAPPY DISPATCH items.

[HD]Summer Bunking ZABUTON(COUPLE)
[HD]Summer Bunking ZABUTON(Single)

If you have made blog post or flickr photos of following items that showing you or some avatar actually using, sitting, playing its sit animations with these, you are eligible to receive HD Gacha coins!
It's all about your luck that how much coins you get!

You don't have to own these items though photos/posts taken at HAPPY DISPATCH DEMO area will not qualify.
Since this is new year season there might be like Japanese Shinto Shrine kind of place may have these!

Please apply from following form if you like to receive HD gacha coin!

Bestest Regards!



HAPPY DISPATCHの次の商品いづれか [HD]Summer Bunking ZABUTON(COUPLE) [HD]Summer Bunking ZABUTON(Single)

の"使用画像"をBlog、またはFLICKRで紹介して頂けた方に非売品のガチャがまわせるHD Gacha coinをプレゼントしています! 何枚届くかは運次第です! 商品を所有している必要はありませんがHAPPY DISPATCHのDEMOエリアでとったSSは無効です。 この時期どこか神社的なパブリックスペースに設置されているかもしれません! 下記フォームから応募ください! どうぞ宜しくお願いいたします!

~ 2016-01-04

COIN GACHA: [HD]Multi anim Stool & John Shelf coin Gacha


New original COIN GACHA from HAPPY DISPATCH is out now!

This exclusive collection has 7 colors of stool and 7 colors of shelves, 14 items total and no RARE.


I've had a lot of inquiries about this item since it retired, now this "HD Multi Animation Stool" is back and it's MESH!

It has now more resistant to zooming camera out, also more detailed.
It's pretty compact so you can put it anywhere! (Resize-able)
Animations are the same as the last one, HD original 37 enjoyable animations for 1 person yourself and 2 person with your special one or friends.



A  brand new cute shelf comes with a design of our enormously famous character, Space John.
It's tiny. It's good for anywhere anyplace! (Resize-able)
You can put utensils or action-figure or small foliages or anything you want to display in this. And it looks cool!


These items are totally exclusive for HD COIN GACHA.
If you have HD gacha coin please come and play!

We'll have new way of gacha coin distribution soon.
So don't be afraid to play if you have coins!


HAPPY DISPATCHから新しいコインガチャをリリースしました!


販売終了後、多く問い合わせを頂いていた「HD Multi Animation Stool」がMESHになって復活しました。

中身は従来どおり、 友達と、恋人と、一人でも楽しめる37の当店のオリジナルアニメーションが入っています。




HD ガチャコインをお持ちの方は是非、挑戦を!


~ 2016-01-03

New::[HD]RecordMan Gacha


RecordMAN WIP(script complete)

The newest release from HAPPY DISPATCH is a gacha for portable record player and headphone set. It comes with animations that you getting into the rhythm. Even when you feel gloomy this item makes you groooovy! You will never look shy when you go downtown with this Recordman. 5 getting into rhythm animations included. It will be nice fun to mix with your own dance animations you have. The arm pose carrying record player is set as priority 6. So you will keep carrying the player if you play other dance animation with the player. Just in case for someone too lazy to edit things, you can set up couple things from the dialog. Cable part is rigged mesh though record player itself is unrigged. You can edit the attach position from edit mode. Portable Record player RecordMAN ->COMMON > Texture change for Retro and Casual RARE >5 Color change > Rustic look Both >10 arm angles to hold >RESIZE > 5 rhythm animation >Turntable spinning animation Headphone >RESIZE script Whole original - mesh, animation, scripts. 75L$ for 1 play gacha, comes with a headphone, portable record player, rigged cable all in one! No sucking commons! This item will be at LOST AND FOUND December round! Please come and check them out! Group Special offer **----------------------------------** As special privilege for HAPPY DISPATCH group members, I've made add-on texture changer for the headphone. This texture changer is only apply-able to common headphones. The giver will give you one of Yellow/White 2 color set or Sakura/White 2 color texture changers. (You can not choose) To receive the texture changer: You will find the giver board around the gacha machine for this RECORD MAN. You will touch the board properly then wear the common headphone of yours, touch the headphone to put menu dialog up. Then select [---] from menu and please, wait for couple seconds. It will change [---] menu to be [@texture]. After this your headphone has this texture change function until the owner changes.

HOw To receive the texture changer


HAPPY DISPATCHから新作のお知らせです。 ポータブルレコードプレイヤーとヘッドフォンがセットになったガチャをだしました。 リズムをとっているアニメ付きなので陰気な人でも大丈夫!これを装着するとたちまち陽気に! 人見知りなあなたもこのレコードマンを装備して街へ繰り出してみてください。 リズムをとるアニメが5つついていますが、お持ちのダンスアニメとあわせて使ってみてください。 レコードプレイヤをもっている腕のポーズは優先度6なので別途アニメを上書き再生してもレコードをぶん回す心配はありません。 面倒くさくてつけなくなっちゃわないように、ある程度dialogで調整できるようにしてあります。 コードのみリグがはいってるのでレコードプレイヤーの装着位置自体はeditモードからいじれます。 Portable Record player RecordMAN ->COMMON >レトロ - カジュアルのテクスチャーチェンジ RARE >5色のテクスチャーチェンジ >おんぼろ加工 共通 >10種類のレコードをもつ腕の角度 >5つのリズムアニメーション >RESIZE >レコード盤がまわるアニメーション Headphone >RESIZE script オリジナルメッシュ、アニメ、スクリプト。 1プレイ75Lのガチャでヘッドフォン、ポータブルレコードプレイヤー、リグ入りコードがついてきます!ハズレなし! 12月のLOST AND FOUNDに出店しています! 宜しくお願いします! Group Special offer **----------------------------------** HAPPY DISPATCHのグループメンバー特典として、 なんかよさげな色のヘッドフォのテクスチャーチェンジャーを用意しました。 このテクスチェンジャーはコモンについてくるヘッドフォンのみ対応です。 Yellow、Whiteの2色またはSakura、Whiteの2色どちらかのチェンジャーがでます。(選べません) テクスチャーチェンジャーの入手方法: 対象商品のガチャマシン付近にそれらしき看板があります。 その看板を的確にタッチしたあと、対象商品を装着、そしてタッチしdialogを表示します。 メニューの中から[---]を選択し、数秒まってください。 [---]のメニューが[@Texture]に変われば入手成功です。 以降、持ち主がかわるまでテクスチャーチェンジを行うことができます。

HOw To receive the texture changer

~ 2015-12-23

New;;[HD]Petphone Gacha @Arcade

New release from HAPPY DISPATCH.

Here comes cute animal ears featured headphone "Petphone" out on the grid now.
It's gacha item though no disappointments!
Send this as a gift to your special, make him/her as your pet then thing will be like 30% cuter!
Of course you can wear this by yourself to make you look cute!

Rare comes with a case! Good for gifts!

This item will be at The Arcade December round!
I wish you all happy holidays and good luck!

Wearing image:





~ 2015-12-01