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New::[HD]KAKEJIKU(Hanging scroll)-Japanese afterlife-

 [HD]KAKEJIKU(Hanging scroll)-Japanese afterlife-

To get some chill in the middle of summer - Japanese ghost hanging scroll. Would suit good in Japanese room!

5 masterpieces of ghost drawings by greatest Japanese historical artists.
You can change textures from dialog menu so it wouldn't occupy your inventory much.
Also you can delete the script after you rezzed and set so it won't take SIM resources much.
*Even you don't remove the script it is very very low lag.

Default 0.595927m x 2.09072m size (from hanging scroll weight (bottom) to the hook (top)) makes the scroll just as 1LI.
As LOD files for each levels made individually, high resist to camera zoom out deform with low land impact.



~ 2014-09-08

New::[HD]Summer Bunking ZABUTON(COUPLE)

 [HD]Summer Bunking ZABUTON(COUPLE)


Market place

A Japanese cushion that you can fold and make it like pillow when you like to nap at Engawa (Japanese veranda/corridor).
Of course you can sit on this cushion like as is.
9 couples animations and 18 single animation all Original made  by HappyDispatch..
All home made original 37 animations total. Each anim indeed exceeds 30 seconds.
Comes with props like baberback, comic book and hug-able zabuton cushion for appropriate animations.
Zabuton can be fold to use as pillow, or for couples of course your partners arm or lap can be your pillow on this zabuton, and even you can hug this zabuton itself.
Fully loaded with cute-kawaii animations even makes you COUPLE with totally strange strangers.
Designed for Engawa-ish step to place this item.
Color and cover texture of cushion can change according to your location and mood, from 15!
Loaded with varieties of poses, many props like Uchiwa-fan, even you can put your own animation from your AO and snacks.
Of course and as always, All original mesh made by HappyDispatch.

*37 Original Animation
*Original MESH
*15Texture change
*COPY ok


Modeling,Animation and
remodeling of the script - © hiko Nino(Happy Dispatch)
Furniture script:AVsitter2  ©Code Violet
Comic Title:Give My Regardsto Black Jack ©SHUHO SATO


Market place


New/update::[HD]Summer Bunking ZABUTON(Single)

 update:[HD]Summer Bunking ZABUTON(Single)



A Japanese cushion that you can fold and make it like pillow when you like to nap at Engawa (Japanese veranda/corridor).
Of course you can sit on this cushion like as is.
Designed for Engawa-ish step to place this item.
Props like paperbacks, comics and notebooks for homeworks make you feel like Japanese summer vacation.
Loaded with varieties of poses, many props like Uchiwa-fan, even you can put your own animation from your AO and snacks,
Bilingual and Bi-cultural - put Japanese mode on, all messages from props will be written in Japanese, some props like homework notebook will change to the one used in Japan.
Writing animation will be different in Japanese mode - it writes vertically instead of horizontally in western countries,
I hope you enjoy these differences especially if you are not from Japan.
Homework menu is single version only.

Color and cover texture of cushion can change according to your location and mood, from 15!
18 single person animation and each over 30 sec!
Of course and as always, all animations and meshes are HD original.

Update:September 7 /2014

Along with Couples version release, Single version got new update -ver1.1
Added 4 single animation newly made for couples version.
Several script bug fix.
People who purchased single version will receive update ver1.1 by September 10th via updater script.
If you did not receive update after Sep 10th, Please try to come HD headquarter and touch the update giver located at the entrance.


New::[HD]KO boxing glove with AO. Conditional Free

 Free gift for all applicants: KO boxing glove with AO.

応募者全プレ KO boxing glove /w HUD Conditional Free


・HAPPY DISPATCH original boxer AO included.
(Standing, Sitting, Running, Walking)

・Search and select an avatar around you, and get permission from them to punch.
Be prepared, you may get hit too.
All 4 fun animations for 2 person boxing, even the one who get hit looks not so unhappy (at least I intended not to hurt anyone).
Animation will be chosen at random.

・Gloves are 100% original made fitting mesh.
You can change the size of gloves by tweaking your shape, especially for Upper body muscles and Hand size.
Plus 5 Texture to choose from the menu!

///How to apply///

Please join HAPPY DISPATCH flickr group and submit your photo/video for [HD]WORKOUT MAT DELUXE or POPULAR version. You don't have to own these mats - you can use the mat that your friend has, or the mat in some public place you know. I will send this glove set to you once I confirm your photo and your avatar name on the flickr group!
※Please do not use the DEMO mat at event or HAPPY DISPATCH headquarter shop.


August 1st, 2014

Please note:
In the case like name of your avatar and flickr account are not the same, or your photo including multiple avatars,
Please write down your name on description or comment of the photo/video.
※Please write down only the name of avatar you wish to receive the gift.
I will send this gift to avatars only appears on the photo/video.
1 person can apply one time only.



If you don't know how to submit a photo on this group please Google yourself!

Also, after Aug 1st this gift will be on the line of my point gift system, It will be at point gift corner for 150 points.
Point gift system is subscription based, once you subscribe news group at my headquarter, you will receive points every time you receive the news from HD (35pts per news right now) and eventually you can exchange your points that you earned to these group gifts.

~ 2014-07-02


workout mat cjp

workout mat image

To fit your needs there are 2 versions - 150L popular version and 490L deluxe version.

/// Popular version///
・Single 14 animations included
・7 texture change
・some anims have facial expressions (can be off per user)


//Deluxe version///

・41 animations included, up to 4 persons
・13 texture change
・Comes with props such as boxing gloves and mitts that you can get and equip for particular animations
・Synchronized facial expressions (can be off per user)


Deluxe version got;
Workout anims like Sit-ups and push-ups, aerobic exercises such as mat jogging and shadow boxing.
Take a break with drinks and snacks you can get from the mat,
Workout with your partner or friends to do massages or mass-boxing.
Up to 4 persons as trainee, trainer and 2 bystanders. Enjoy your fun fitness time with your friends!

Popular version has animations for 1 person. No props and animations for props included.
It is enthusiastically designed to be simple use and inexpensive price - 150L included 14 animations!

The new workout mats are only available at creation Jp event from June 20th to July 15th.
During this event, Deluxe version is 36% price down, only for 300L,
Popular version si 33% price down, only for 100L!
I usually do not discounts my items except for events like this so please do not miss this opportunity!
After July 16th, both versions will be on Marketplace and in my store.
Until then there will be only DEMO in my store.
creation JP


~ 2014-06-21