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Group gift #6 Couple anim ball

For limited time I have put new couple animation ball as group gift.
It is 1 minute of cuddling and kissing loop animation.
Originally made for the next furniture I am working on, but decided to release this anim first only for group (subscribe) members.

This gift is only available until I release the next furniture so please hurry to grab it.
Also releasing group gift dumbells again as it has been set to remove from the gift giver (Kiosk SISBOX) after 30 days.

This is subscriber-only gift. All subscribers as of October 17 2012PDT can receive this item.
To get this, please come down to headquarter store and touch the gift giver (Kiosk SISBOX) then select the number of gift item from dialog menu.
and select "Deliver" to receive the gift.
Please note: If you unscribe and re-subscribe to the group after October 17 2012PDT, you can not receive the gift since your subscription date has been renewed.


~ 2012-10-17

Info::New discounted price for old items

It has been almost 7 years since HAPPYDISPATCH opened to the grid.
Would be good time for deleting some really old ones, and set new discounted prices for items that being around more than a year.

AO, poses will be 50% off

ie) AO set 700L→350L

Single AO anim 50L→25L  35L→17L
Single Pose 15L→7L

Furnitures will be about 20% off
Bench 1200L→980L
Bench full set 2200→1780L
Bath 2200L→1780L

Couple animation balls will be about 30% off
ie) 150L→100L       200L→140L       100L→70L

Some adult animation balls I have set new price 2 months ago. Except for those most adult balls are now 50% off.

Please note those prices above are subject to change without prior notice.