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UPGRADE::HD male Standard AO ver.1.1

male Standard AO

I've added 1 sitting animation which is intended for a non-animated chair with a backrest.

It features a nervous shaking leg animation. Please come and get it if you like.

::::How to use the upgrade ticket::::

1. wear the upgrade ticket on your body
2. come closer to the 'UPDATE SERVER' at HD mainshop and touch it

~ 2009-04-30

【Mall】Find Ash cap x hair

FA" x HD

"FA"Leopard Hobby
all 12 color :1440L
1 color 240L

"FA"Casquette Hobby
all 12 color :1440L
1 color 240L

and, my favorite hair

I am straight.

"FA x :sey"B mesh 300L

FA" x HD <- Go

~ 2009-04-09