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NEW::[HD]Animal Cube Stool gacha

~ 2016-02-02

Now I have released new gacha, animal designed stools!
Lovely animals that in this set are "DUCK", "PIG", "COW" and "UNICORN".

There are two kinds of sizes, M and XL for this stool and Each size got its own animation.
The bigger ones you can sit down with luxurious extra space. It is pretty big in size-wise and look-wise, thus 4 stools (of total 14)  in this collection are XL.
The smaller ones it is rather tight when 2 people sitting down though you can put many of these stool in your place and it's super cute!

All stools are up to 2 person to sit.

50L$ for 1 play and no disappointment!  Everything you get is so cute.

Of course all original HD animation and mesh!
*You can always check the DEMO at HAPPYDISPATCH headquarter. Please come check out.

This item is available at Gacha Garden event.
There is a special prize only you can win at the event!
Hope you would come and play!

  • /////EVENT info
  • Event period: 2/1~2/22

  • + Event Website +

  • + How It Works +
  • - Every time a player makes 20 pulls on any single machine they will be given a very special reward.
  • - The Seeds of Inspiration are no copy/ yes transfer just like a normal gacha but they cannot be won by chance. They are instead awarded on the 20th pull.
  • - The Seed of Inspiration items will be retired at the end of the event and will never be made available again.
  • ///////

It will be excellent if you add your Frickr photo using this item to HD flickr group.
I don't want to miss out any of your great piece using HD products! Thank you for all the happiness!


This gentleman stool with such attractive hip is exclusive prize for The Gacha Garden February round.
You can get this one by playing HD Animal Cube Stool at The Gacha Garden every 20 times .
Texture changer included.
The Dandy brown, The Sexy tan, which gentleman would you like choose?


HAPPY DISPATCHから新作のお知らせです。

動物をモチーフにしたスツールのガチャを発売しました    !

1プレイ50L はずれなし!何があたったってかわいいです。



  • /////The Gacha Garden EVENT情報

  • + 期間  + 2/1~2/22
  • + webサイト+

  • + How It Works +
  • - プレイヤーはThe Seeds of Inspiration という非常に特別な報酬が与えられます。
  • - The Seeds of Inspiration はレアアイテムのように偶然手にはいる事はありません。
  • 20回プレイすると必ず当たります。
  • 通常のガチャアイテムのようにNOCOPY/TRANSFEです。
  • - The Seed of Inspiration のアイテムはイベント期間中のみしか手に入りません。
  • 各ショップのガチャマシンで再販されることはありません。
  • ※The Seeds of Inspiration 以外のアイテムはイベント後も販売されることがあります
  • /////



ガチャガーデンのHD Animal Cube Stoolのガチャを20回プレイする毎に貰えます。

The Gacha Garden open now