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NEW::[HD]Animal Portable KARAOKE

~ 2016-03-01

hd Portable karaoke

New release Gacha from HAPPY DISPATCH.

This is Animal designed Portable Karaoke gacha!

Designed animals are - Bear, Panda, Cat, Owl. The RARE cat carrying a guitar so you can make one-man BAND anytime anywhere.

There are 10 singing animation you can play! It is made as priority 2 so you can sit down and sing.
※ Please turn off your AO.

Also you can choose from 10 holding microphone arm poses to cover various shapes from kids to old, narrow shoulder to ones with Aircraft carrier shoulders!
This holding microphone arm poses are made as priority 5. You can mix this pose with other animations like dance! How cool is that!

RARE has guitar solo animation along with other microphone arm poses.

This is make you happy item! No disappointing commons!

This is The Arcade March Round item. Please come down and play!

**********Group member special offer**********
HD GROUP MEMBER ONLY: If you are HD group member (subscriber) you have access to Texture Changer for the grip part of the microhpne.
If you click [---]  5 times on the dialog menu and you are group member (No need to tag up),  [---]  menu changes to [Texture].
If you have not joined our group please try to come down to our headquarter shop and find the group kiosk nearby the entrance. It's free to join.
Alternative textures will be up until you give this item to someone, or you reset the item.
※This service is subject to change/stop without prior notice.


hd Portable karaoke

HAPPY DISPATCHから新作のお知らせです。



歌うアニメは10種類! 優先度2で作ってあるので座りながら歌ったりもできます。

マイクの構えの10パターンから選べて老若男女 様々な肩幅のシェイプに対応!

レアにはマイクの構えにguitar solo アニメも入っています。



******* HD グループメンバー スペシャルオファー*******
dialogメニューより[---] ボタンを5回CLICKすると、[---]のメニューが[Texture]に変わります。