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~ 2014-03-07
SK anim2

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[HD]S.K. SUEDE BENCH(adult) has been out.
And it is so ecstatic!

Starting from  "♥"  animation on the menu are now cum-able! Hit ♥come♥ button on the menu while you enjoying and playing "♥"  animation - then it actually plays cum animation and the prop-cock (if you got from this furniture and wearing it) ejaculates!


Couple PG 8Menu
Adult 17menu + 13 Come menu
Single 16menu
Included animation syncing props - tongues and male genital

1color 750L
FAT 950L

Many contained animations are over 30 sec. You may need latest viewers to see 30sec+ animations.
Most current viewers are 30sec+ anim capable but if you love old viewers please try demo deeply before you buy.

Also included animation syncing props - tongues and male genital.
These props can be retained from furniture menu by anyone anytime who sits on the sofa with you. Perfect for the sudden affairs.

 Color variations for cushion part are Black, Red, Blue and Green. 4 colors.
Each color have changeable 6 texture variations to fit your mood and site.
Only FAT pack have 26 texture variations.
Legs texture have 3 variations for both Fat and regular versions.


To accommodate with this, I will upgrade the previous release [HD]S.K. CASUAL LEATHER BENCH(adult).
I will send upgrade version to everyone who purchased the previous one during March 06 to 07 PST.
If you did not receive update during that date, please send a notecard to hiko nino.

Updates(March 2014ver):
- Prop-cock update
  Both function and its look totally juiced up.
  - Additional ♥come♥ buttons in ADULT menu
Once you select ♥come♥ button while you playing adult anims starting with "♥", it plays orgasm animation and the prop-cock ejaculates.
There are 25 animation total for additional male and female cum animations!

- Other updates:
Fixed male Spoon(ADULT) animation that was twisting right shoulder.
Fixed an error that facial expression gets off if you select Spoon(ADULT) animation first.
Revised facial expression for Sidesit animation.
Single anim floor 2 now has facial expression.

With this update new price for [HD]S.K. SUEDE BENCH(adult) is now 750L$ for single color version (only 100L$ higher than the last version).
FAT version keeps the same price.

Market place(FAT ONLY)

S.K BENCH image
We made HAPPY DISPATCH flicker Group.
Please participate!