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~ 2014-06-21
workout mat cjp

workout mat image

To fit your needs there are 2 versions - 150L popular version and 490L deluxe version.

/// Popular version///
・Single 14 animations included
・7 texture change
・some anims have facial expressions (can be off per user)


//Deluxe version///

・41 animations included, up to 4 persons
・13 texture change
・Comes with props such as boxing gloves and mitts that you can get and equip for particular animations
・Synchronized facial expressions (can be off per user)


Deluxe version got;
Workout anims like Sit-ups and push-ups, aerobic exercises such as mat jogging and shadow boxing.
Take a break with drinks and snacks you can get from the mat,
Workout with your partner or friends to do massages or mass-boxing.
Up to 4 persons as trainee, trainer and 2 bystanders. Enjoy your fun fitness time with your friends!

Popular version has animations for 1 person. No props and animations for props included.
It is enthusiastically designed to be simple use and inexpensive price - 150L included 14 animations!

The new workout mats are only available at creation Jp event from June 20th to July 15th.
During this event, Deluxe version is 36% price down, only for 300L,
Popular version si 33% price down, only for 100L!
I usually do not discounts my items except for events like this so please do not miss this opportunity!
After July 16th, both versions will be on Marketplace and in my store.
Until then there will be only DEMO in my store.
creation JP