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New:::[HD]S.K. CASUAL LEATHER BENCH(adult) regular color and ap.b ltd

~ 2014-01-31

This is a finely seamed casual leather bench.

1color(3Texture) 650L/FAT(15Texture)950L /Marketplace980L

Couple PG 8Menu
Adult 17menu
Single 16menu

All original 67 animations included.

Many contained animations are over 30 sec. You may need latest viewers to see 30sec+ animations.
Most current viewers are 30sec+ anim capable but if you love old viewers please try demo deeply before you buy.

Also included animation syncing props - tongues and male genital.
These props can be retained from furniture menu by anyone anytime who sits on the sofa with you. Perfect for the sudden affairs.

Texture change-able. Color variations are;
Adult color version - Red, Pink, Purple, Brown, Black will be limited offer as AP.B RED[market].
Other colors - White, Black, Brown, Blue, green will be available on both HD headquarter and the Marketplace.

AP.B RED[market] also be available at the red and eros themed event during Feb 1st to 14th.
There will be more limited offers at the event so please come by!
HD headquarter
Marketplace(FAT Only)

S.K BENCH image

::::Advise for the use of 1 prim multi sit furniture::::
If you put the furniture inside the bounding box of sculpted prims, 2nd or latter person can not sit down on the furniture.
This is a bug in sculpted prim.
If the mesh has right bounding box set up, it should not have this issue.

Please avoid to put the furniture inside the bounding box.
If you really need to put the furniture inside the bounding box, please use 2 prim version instead.
Also 2nd or latter person can not "jump on" the furniture further than 8m distance.
Please come closer than 8m before you sit down the furniture.

[EXPRESSION] by clicking these buttons toggles ON/OFF of each setting. Can be set by each sit position, each user.
[TEXTURE] Changes texture of the bench. Only owner can use this menu.
[ADJUST] Can adjust sitting unique position per user for current animation playing.
[PROP] Gives out animation syncing props to anyone who sitting on the sofa. Please wear/add and have fun with them.

[HD] tongue for S.K.Bench and [HD] Dick for S.K.Bench are scripted to sync with bench animations.
They only work when you sitting on the bench.
To edit prop position and size, select [PROP] > Stand. It will pose you easier one to edit positions.
You can resize props from dialog menu when you touch the props themselves after you attached props.

[HD] tongue for S.K.Bench is scripted to sync with facial expression. If you have set [EXPRESSION] to be off, tongue will not be visible.

If you minimize Second Life viewer window, animations may not play correctly.
Once your viewer back from minimized, please re-select animation from the menu.
Also please note this rack is NO-MOD as it may break if you modify.

Although this furniture object are modify-able for those who like to customize, I would not do help support about customization. So please customize at your own risk.
Default size of the furniture is XYZ<2 .19805="" 0.644044="" 1.29978="">.
If you resize this, Land impact/Prim cost may change - also sit positions may need to be adjusted.
S.K BENCH image
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Please participate.