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New::KAKEJIKU(Hanging scroll)-The New Year- and Calligraphy scroll gift

~ 2013-12-27
Here comes the news from Happy Dispatch about new releases and point gift.

[HD]KAKEJIKU(Hanging scroll)-The New Year-
KAKEJIKU(Hanging scroll)-The New Year-

As new year approaching, as a centerpiece of Japanese room decoration, here comes the new Japanese art scroll set!
Material enabled!

Please check following link if you are not familiar with materials.

5 masterpieces from historical Japanese artists.
You can change textures from dialog menu so it wouldn't occupy your inventory much.
Also you can delete the script after you rezzed and set so it won't take SIM resources much.
*Even you don't remove the script it is very very low lag.

Default 0.595927m x 2.09072m size (from hanging scroll weight (bottom) to the hook (top)) makes the scroll just as 1LI.
As LOD files for each levels made individually, high resist to camera zoom out deform with low land impact.


Market place

Point gift5
Also, Japanese calligraphy version of the scroll added as new point gift.
You can change 4 calligraph textures.
* All 4 calligraphy done by your truly hiko nino. Please feel distorted art of my own calligraphy.
You can get this point gift by 35pt.

As for HD Point Gift System
Point Gift list