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::Newrelease and UPdate:: Full perm couple animation 01 to 12

~ 2013-08-20

New releases from HAPPYDISPATCH!

SOFA COUPLE 09-12 setanim

I have been released new Full perm couple animation 09-12  that you can use for your builds and funitures.
These are animations make your partner more adorable, more in love.
Including 60 seconds version and 30 seconds short version.
Single anim 300L$ each, 4 anim set is 980L$. Both now available at my store.
Set version is  subject to free updates!

You will get 10% cashback if you leave reviews after you purchase these items on Marketplace.
This cashback campaign is effective only while I have put above cashback statement in this item detail @marketplace.
Reviews are fine in the native language!

Also I've made updates for previous full perm products.
SOFA COUPLE 01-04 set

SOFA COUPLE 05-08 setanim

・Couple animation 01-04 and 05-08
Update: Now they can run 60 seconds animation.

Please note that these 60 seconds animations can not be played correctly without corresponding viewers. (If your viewer is current LL viewer or Firestorm then should be ok)
These new updates include 30 seconds shot version and 60 seconds full animation.

If you have update tickets, please come to HD headquarter and receive the updates via update server located at entrance.
*Update tickets are included in set version only.

Thank you!