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NEW:: My Dumbbell rack

~ 2013-05-19



transfer ver:250L -> 125L(Until September 30 2015)
Copyable ver: 490L->245L(Until September 30 2015)

Market place
Newest release from HD is combined component of barbell shafts and blocks called "My Dumbbell Rack"

"My Dumbbell Rack" made of barbell shafts and blocks.
All made wisely from stuffs I had in my house!
You won't break your toe bones ever again by those damn dumbbells on your floor.

Full mesh, 6 prims (LI) + 1 prim for each rezzing props (only while Protein animation playing).
Contains wearable props such as Protein, Dumbbell, Water and Snacks.

•Synchronized facial emotion and sounds
Each sit position can ON/OFF.
* Rack will reset your anims and sounds once in a few minutes to fix off-sync lag.

•Up to 4 person training
Trainee take 2 + Guests take 2.
Guests can not work out but cheer up trainees.
Please bring your friends to play with!

•Bunch of animations
11 Dumbbell workout animations, 5 resting animations,
and other 4 animations.
Lowering waist animation got 5 different height variations.
All made by long time animation creator in SL, High quality anims!

•Realistic props
You will take dumbbell after you sit down completely.
Even you can make protein and drink it!
You need to wear props only once at first time.
Once after you wear props, it will display corresponding items to the poses.

•Memorize sit positions by user avatars!
Though it adjusts the 5 height levels automatically, still you can do manual adjust in the case your foot on the air or sinking to the floor. Positions can be adjusted and saved by each users.

•23 towel textures
You can change towel textures at your feel or theme.

If you minimize Second Life viewer window, animations may not play correctly.
Once your viewer back from minimized, please re-select animation from the menu.
Also please note this rack is NO-MOD as it may break if you modify.

*This item is made to feel your avatar working out
so... if you want to be macho, you need to work out your skin and shape. Really.

*This product is corresponding subject to free updates.
Although update will be failed if files of the contents in the object are not as they should be.
As for transfer version, owners will not get free update once they modify this product.
We will inform you by blog and group when upgrade.

Modeling and Animation - © hiko Nino
AVsitter ©Code Violet