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::UPdate:: My Dumbbell rack ver.1.2

~ 2013-10-26


[HD]My Dumbbell rack has been updated.
Current version is 1.2.

From Ver.1.2, It will be much easier to attach props.
When you sit on the dumbbell rack, it pops up permission request dialog for attachment. Once you allow it will automatically attaches to you.

During this process it requires 2 extra prims to the land. If the land does not have 2 prims left, the rack will send props to your inventory just as the old version did. In this case you need to open your inventory and attach props manually.

One little modest update - Material.
If your viewer has material (normal and spec map) rendering and material enabled in your viewer setting, you can see little difference.


How to update

1. Rez the object on the surface upon the update server located at HD headquarter shop.
2. Once you rezzed the object on the right place, please touch update server and keep hold your left mouse button more than 2 seconds at close range.
3. You will receive update version of the product (If there is update). Please wait.
* In laggy situation it will take some time to deliver. Please take your time to wait.

*note *If someone is doing this update please wait until they get done.
Once you update, old version will be no longer in function.
We will send notice about update on the blog and group notes.