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~ 2013-04-18

I have just released new full perm animation that you can use for your builds and funitures.

New anims are 5 floor sitting animations.
They are designed to be sitting in rather smaller area.
You can use them for rugs and beds of course, also it will suits for sofas.

Also many of them are modest unisex sitting.
I can imagine someone would put these anims in hot springs.
All are 30 seconds loop animations.

200L for each animation. Full-set of 5 is 850L.

You will get 10% cashback if you leave reviews after you purchase these items on Marketplace.
This cashback campaign is effective only while I have put above cashback statement in this item detail @marketplace.
Reviews are fine in the native language!

hidden sit

...And For personal use, there is a copy (No trans) pose ball version of these new anims also available.
5 animations included in a ball, al 30 seconds animation.
PAGEUP/DOWN key to toggle animations.

HD hidden sit anim ball

...And I have more than that. Single version of special single animation ball pack including this new floor sitting anims are now on Marketplace. Pack contains various anims you can use for sofa, rugs or beds.

6 balls/22 animations, COPY/MOD/NO TRANS now just 50L$! Only in One month from now!
With this pack you can fill animation everywhere at your home - keep yourself busy!


Au revoir!