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::UPdate:: HD WOOD BENCH ver.1.1

~ 2013-01-21


The WOOD BENCH I have released about a month ago, got some updates.

Feature change/update:

Added [GET ITEM] menu in [FRIEND] and [RELAX] menu.
By selecting this, you will receive transparent object(s) used in some animation in these sets.
Wear the item, It will become visible when matching animation selected. You will see a book in your hand when you do reading animation. You will see guitar or beer when you select sing or drink animation.
Thus you do not need to change objects to attach when you select different animations.

Due to this change, auto item giving feature is now disabled. When you select reading animation, it will not give you a book automatically. You need to select [GET ITEM] to get these objects.

Also "Item receiving animations" have been added. 3 different receiving anim for 3 different spots.

It is really not a bug or malfunction of the previous version so I will send you this update for those who willing to get this update.
If you wish to update your bench, please make a folder and put your avatar (account) name as folder name, put your bench into the folder and send the folder to hiko nino.
If the bench lacks original animation, I can not update your bench.