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NEW::Anywhere recital stage(Gift#7)

~ 2013-01-12
Anywhere recital stage


I've released new fun stuff, "Anywhere recital stage". 100% mesh made, up to 3 person can sit. One person will be a singer, other two will be audience. Free toy microphone for anyone included. This item is modeled after the plastic large beer bottle case made in Japan. In Japan, not only children using this as a pseudo-stage, but also traditional Enka singers or politician in local campaign use this in their barnstorm. Total 22 HD original animation included. There are group gift version and product version. Product version have color change function you can choose from 5 colors. Transfer version : 150L$ Copy version : 200L$ Group gift version has only special yellow color that does not included in the product version. 10-12-13_004 All subscribers as of January 11 2013PDT can receive this item. To get this, please come down to headquarter store and touch the gift giver (Kiosk SISBOX) then select the number of gift item from dialog menu. and select "Deliver" to receive the gift. Please note: If you unscribe and re-subscribe to the group after January 11 2013PDT, you can not receive the gift since your subscription date has been renewed. To appreciate everyone for long time partronage! Definitely good for party as party is good! Marketplace-> Transfer-ver Copyable-ver SHOP