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We have subscribe based Update Group for HappyDispatch now.

~ 2010-04-03
We have subscribe based Update Group for HappyDispatch now.

We will send you note cards for HappyDispatch latest releases and update informations.
Also we will send the notice for group gifts (Mostly animations) too.
You can receive gifts at our main store.
Periods for group gifts are not set, most likely one group gift will be available until the next gift released.
Old gifts will no longer be available so please do take your gifts as sooner as you can.

To subscribe to the group, please visit HappyDispatch main store, and touch the board above.
A dialog menu will pop up, then choose "Subscribe".

If you wish to leave this group, touch the board and choose "Unsubscribe".
It may take couple seconds to subscribe/unsubscribe due to scripts and lag.

Does NOT require joining a SL Group.

Please keep you updated with new HappyDispatch group.