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update::HD female Ninja AO -9-1-

~ 2010-03-17
female ninjaAO ver2


Contents of update;

- As your AV shape height may affect the root position, this AO set contains 5 height variations from XS to XL size for some animations.
(Crouching, Sitting On Ground, Landing, etc.)

-If you see your avatar floating from or sinking under the ground when you crouch (Page Down Key or C),
Load appropriate animation height set from the menu.
-if your avatar sinking under the ground surface, try to load smaller size (SS or S) than M .
-if your avatar floating above the ground surface, try to load bigger size (LL or L).

- If the AO vendor for single animation indicates the pose as (5size), you will receive all size variations of the animation when you purchase.
Please use proper size for your shape, and set it up with your AO attachments.

- Animations indicated as (5size) will be delivered as a box. Please rez the box and open it.

Animation updates:
- Renewed 5stands, groundsits,1run,1walk,
crouch,croucwalk, stand up, fly up/down,hovering,landing,
- Added typinganim.

::::How to use the upgrade ticket::::

1. wear the upgrade ticket on your body
2. come closer to the 'UPDATE SERVER' at HD mainshop and touch it