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~ 2010-01-09
There is a small update for HD VINTAGE BATHTUB.
Only scripts update.

Fixed the water surface issue that you might see oversized waters when you rez the bath as Water-Drained state.
*In old version you can fix it manually by touching the water surface if it happens.

Now waters will be automatically drained if 6 hours past since it rezzed, and if there is no avatar within 5m.
*If BATHTUB is empty, no censor will be activated.

If you see some particle errors (does not update, rez, etc), it will be fixed by re-rezzing.
*If you still see the problem, please try to drain/pour water to the bath.

If you have these issues, I will trade new version to your old version.

To do this, put your bath to the folder named as your avatar, and send the folder to Hiko nino.

*Please note I can not send you update if the avatar name is unknown.
** Also note I can not update if animations or scripts inside the bath is missing.

Failure of particle