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UPGRADE::HD male -cutesy- AO pack Vew.2.1

~ 2009-05-25
male cutesy
We've added the male AO-cutesy-pack ver.1 to the ver.2 which we updated last February and then released both of them together as ver.2.1.

We don't believe that there are any inferior animations in the ver.2 compare with the ver.1.
We never remake it to make lesser for 'upgrade'. It's meaningless.

However we've got a review by a customer ''I don't believe it's fair what the creator of this ao is doing. Ver.2 should have been listed separately and the votes and reviews for the ver.1 should not be applied to it'' and received an amended 1 star rate came down from 5 stars.

Regrettably, some people feel that the ver.1 is better than the ver.2. Moreover they believe that we use good valuations of the ver.1 by them to sell the ver.2.

We don't know which ver.2 animation is worse than ver.1 animation.
We had no idea that there was a reason customers who had left positive evaluations for the ver.1 now give us a worse evaluations for the ver.2 and on the contrary we expected that customers who left negative evaluations for the ver.1 would leave new positive evaluations for the ver.2.

Actually we can make more profit when we sell them separately, as different items.

We were only feeing demerits to sell it as 'ver.2'.

Of course evaluations should come from customers, not from us, but we just want to tell you that we had never created something totally different as 'upgrade' to make money with some good evaluations by customers.

So we decided to add all the ver.1 anims/poses into ver.2.1 to let these positive evaluations fair.
There are no risks for us.
We just upgraded it, they are exact same items for us.

Customers who purchased the ver.2 can receive the ver.1 with the UPGRADE ticket.

Incicentally we added CrounchWalking into it.

HD male -cutesy- AO pack Ver.2.1

::::How to use the upgrade ticket::::

1. wear the upgrade ticket on your body
2. come closer to the 'UPDATE SERVER' at HD mainshop and touch it