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:::free::: eat animation (can copy/trans)Increase in quantity!!

~ 2009-05-01
eat anime

The following 3 animations are added to our current eating animation product.

fork-cuts a cake on a plate and sticks the fork into it
spoon-munches up the food from the bowl
coffee-gulps down the drink from the cup

The animation priority setting is 4 and they only use the part where it is necessary for eating, so your AO will not be distrupted.

We set animation copy/trans so that you can resell or present.
We BAN Reselling ONLY animation.
Other than that, Please use it freely.

Our shop only distribute "EAT" animation for resell.
we do not sell other animation, hair(wig) or furniture in full permission.
And please refrain asking any offer for full permision.:p