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~ 2009-06-01


The summary of this upgrade:
・modification to modeling
・no use of alpha in the boarding
・change to modify ok

Modification to texture:
・changable to 5 colors
・textures of handrail and boarding can be changed seperately

Special feature only for customores who bought the old version;
2 additional animations for single-use named Stand you UP were added

We sent the patch file for UPGRADE to the past purchaser.

In the ver.2 that We send you, only additional animations and already set-up scripts are included.
Plz transfer only the animations from the old bench you purchased.
(01Gbench-sit-f ~ 41Gbench-couple10-m)

If it is difficult or troublesome,
plz put your new & old bench into a folder with your avatar name(full name)
and send the folder to hiko nino.

Plz do not send only the benches, many customers sending me same named products will creat confusion
and I won't be able to identify them and won't be able to get back to you.