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New::[HD]wall side stool GACHA

~ 2015-09-01

New release from HAPPY DISPATCH.

Brand new stool ! It is designed to be placed close to the wall.
Will make unique and consistent scene when you put this right next to the wall!
There are various animation inside the stool so please pick the one that matches your mood, then sit and relax!

You can try DEMO for this stool at HD headquarter. Please come down and try.
Gacha key  texture for The Arcade available near by this DEMO. Feel free to grab it and bring it home.

Gacha is 1 play 50L$. RARE is duo-stool with animation for couples.
The RARE contains 7 couple animations and 6 of them are ALL NEW animations.

This item is available at The Arcade September round starts from September 1st.
Please squeeze in to The Arcade and play!
*No gacha for this one at the HD headquarter shop until The Arcade September round is done. Only DEMO at the headquarter meantime.

HAPPY DISPATCHから新作のお知らせです。