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[HD]Multi Couple pose 19 to 21 Conditional Free 応募者全プレ

~ 2015-09-09

[HD]Multi Couple pose 19 to 21 Coming soon

Free gift for all applicants: [HD]Multi Couple pose 19 to 21 (Gift)

This ain't no routine COUPLE POSE YO!
Arms, Neck and Legs have different variation for each poses. Make your own from astronomic combinations!
If your partner is rather slow but now no worry! You can change your partner's pose by Puppet Mode!
Moreover, if you totally can't decide what pose to choose, you can just pick up ready to go 3 poses.

[HD]Multi Couple pose 19 to 21 (Gift)
・3 couple poses x 4 variations
・28 neck angle variations
・79 arm pose variations
・43 leg pose variations
・PUPPET mode that you can change your partner's pose

/// How to apply ///

Join HAPPY DISPATCH Flickr Group ( then add your pictures or movies using [HD]Wall side Stool. It's OK if you like to use your friends' stools.

Please write down your name on description or comment of the photo/video.
*Please write down only the name of avatar you wish to receive the gift.

If it is multiple persons shot, please write down names of all avatars in the picture so I can send them this gift.
* Please note that it applies to persons only who sitting on the stool in your picture.

If the shot is using DEMO stool at HD headquarter or ones in placed at yardsales will be disqualified. Too much chaos if we do that!

I'll be sending gift once I confirm your photo and avatar name on Flickr group.
*If you are qualified and somehow you missed the delivery or deleted, you can receive this gift at gift giver at HD headquarter until October 1st as well.

Application sample

///To receive the gift///
After you have put your HD Workout mat photo on the Flickr group, an object owned by hiko Nino will send out the gift to each applicants from the region named Happy Dispatch.
After the object sent out the gift to applicants, I'll leave a comment on your Flickr photo as SAGAWA the Cucumber fairy.
If you see this wonderful fairy on your Flickr comment but have not received the gift, there might be a chance that you missed the delivery so please go to the board on following URL and touch the board to receive the gift.
*you can receive this gift at gift giver at HD headquarter until October 1st as well.

September 30,2015(SL Time)

応募者全員プレゼント: [HD]Multi Couple pose 19 to 21 (Gift)


[HD]Multi Couple pose 19 to 21 (Gift)
・腕の異なったポーズ 79種類


 HAPPY DISPATCHのフリッカーグループに参加して[HD]Wall side Stoolの使用画像、または動画を投稿してください。




応募から2-3日以内にHappy DispatchというSIMからhiko Nino所有のオブジェクトがギフトを配達します。

September 30,2015(SL Time)