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~ 2010-08-15
I am planning to revisit my old couple animations originally made for HD Couple hammock.

COUPLE ball12

This is a couple animation ball with both single male and female animations and couple animation.
This ball plays individual single animation when one person sits down on it, plays couple animation when two person sit together.
All animations are full 30 seconds long.

It will be sold as one couple animation - rolling together, lying and kissing passionately, and one single individual animation for each male and female - lying under the strong sun.

Distribution schedule:
From August 15th - on sale at my shop for 100L$
From August 15th to 31st - For this half month, it will be on promotion price at Xstreet for 90%off - 10L$.
From September 1st - they will also be distributed as lucky board items (there are two of them) at HappyDispatch SIM.
Both lucky boards are 1 hour cycle. Please avoid to wait LB for long time to reduce the lag.


HappyDispatch (63, 12, 25)

Lucky board
HappyDispatch (138, 53, 25)
HappyDispatch (223, 227, 25)

Starting time for lucky boards will not be announced.

Both animations can be used as poseballs as they are.
If you wish to put these anims into your XPOSE/MLP furnitures, please refer following position coordinates.

couple anim:

{•MENU name} <-0.21,0.122,0.923> <-1,0.1,-88> | <-0.216,0.059,0.907> <0,0,-85>

single anime:

{•single male} <-0.216,0.059,0.907> <0,0,-85>
{•single female} <-0.21,0.122,0.923> <-1,0.1,-88>

This position coordinates are based on HD Retro sofa so it will need to tweak heights or rotations to match with your furnitures.
I can not support XPOSE or MLP editing itself. Please read their manuals:)