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HAPPY DISPATCH (<- SIM name) changed to Adult rating SIM.

~ 2009-09-03
We have changed ratings of HAPPY DISPATCH (<-- SIM name) to be adult flagged.
Only people can buy our staff or enter our SIM if they have registered ID or payment info, and have dealt with Linden lab (LindeX) at least once.
Please understand that this is due to new adult guideline set by Linden Lab.

HappyDispatch (<- SIM name, not all capital one) is still remain as Mature rated. Thus no ID or no payment info regitered people can access to this SIM.
AO, Camp stuff, and non-adult furnitures are located in this SIM.

If you have regitered ID or payment info, and still can not enter HAPPY DISPATCH;
Be sure to set the rating you would like to access in Preference settings.

Edit menu > Preferences > General tab > Rating: > Set "I want to access content rated:" pull down menu to be "PG Mature and Adult"

After we changed SIM ratings to be Adult, I have been getting a lot of requests for direct transactions but simply I don't have time to deal them all.
Please use Xstreet instread.