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~ 2009-09-10

It's a free sofa which contains 10 menus,27 animations!
3 people can sit at the same time or 2 people when the couple menus work.
In this sofa, there are many animations like funny instant jokes,really romantic anims for lovers or ordinary relaxing anims.
*No ADULT anims include.

We give this sofa away at the adult area in our shop as the age verification campaign.
That is why, we thank you to understand that we don't send the sofa to you even if you try to give us some money. You must come over there to get it.


In addition, we will accept no claim, will give you no support about this sofa. Just grab it.

I don't have schedule for how long this sofa will be in my shop yet, but I will announce the date on my blog before I will take it out.
*Like the case I want to use this animations for my upcoming products... lol


SOFA 7prim
BALL 2 to 3prim

HAPPY DISPATCH (109, 168, 25)

UP:Sep 25
It is limited distribution till October 10!
We use anim of this sofa for Product on and after October 10. (Probably )