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UP::Full permission ANIMATION User License Agreement ver.1.1

~ 2016-04-28

::::: Full permission ANIMATION User License Agreement ver.1.1 :::::

You can use Our Animations only inside Second Life(R).
You can sell products that contain Animations only inside Second Life(R).
Distribution in any other virtual worlds or websites are strictly prohibited.

When you build Animations into your product, you must set permissions for animations as No Copy or No Transfer.
You can not distribute your products using Animations as full permission or Copy AND Transfer
You can not distribute Animations as animation (resell), poseball, AO, or HUD.

You can not share Animations with your friend, group, or anyone.
Only buyers posses the right to use Animation for their builds and products.

You can not distribute your products using Animations as gift under any circumstances.

You can not sell your products using Animations for under 35L$.(April 2016 update)

 As we find infringements and violations, we shall file DMCA to Linden Lab.
 Furthermore the person/account will be prohibited to enter my store and SIM, no update will be provided. (April 2016 update)

::::How to use the upgrade ticket::::(for list of pack products)

1. wear the upgrade ticket on your body
2. come closer to the 'UPDATE SERVER' at HD mainshop and touch it

All Full palm anim set products will come with update tickets.
You will need these tickets to receive update version of the products you purchased.
Please keep them in your inventory.


:::::フルパーミッションアニメ ユーザーライセンス契約 ver.1.1:::::

Second Life(R)の中だけで使用し、販売して下さい。 
Second Life(R)以外のバーチャルワールド、またはウエブサイトなどでの配布、販売を禁じます。

商品に組み込んで販売する際、必ずAnimationのパーミッションをnoCopy(コピー不可)またはNo transfer(贈与不可)に設定してください。 
フルパーミッションまたは(nomod copy transfer)で販売や贈与をしてはいけません。

アニメーションのみでの販売、またはポーズボール、AO HUD形式での販売はできません。


35L$以下の価格設定の商品にはご使用頂けません。(April 2016 update)

以降 店への立ち入りを禁止しupdateの対応は行いません。(April 2016 update)




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