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NEW::[HD]Couple pose 7 to 12 (Standing) Multi poses!

~ 2014-12-30
[HD]Couple pose 7 to 12 (Standing)

For this release all standing poses!
I hope you will take many many souvenir pictures for this holiday season!
And it's even better if you post your pictures to HD Flickr Group!

Arms, Neck and Legs have different variation for each poses. Make your own from astronomic combinations! (DELUXE ver. only)
If your partner is rather slow but now no worry! You can change your partner's pose by Puppet Mode! (DELUXE ver. only)
Moreover, if you totally can't decide what pose to choose, you can just pick up ready to go 6 poses. (Both POPULAR/DELUXE ver.)

POPULAR ver. (180L$)
・6 couples poses x 4 variations

DELUXE ver. (280L$)
・6 couple poses x 4 variations
・13 neck angle variations
・59 arm pose variations
・29 leg pose variations
・PUPPET mode that you can change your partner's pose


SAMPLE image..

※Available at CJP event from Dec 30th to Jan 15th. 20% off at this event.
※This set will become available at headquarter shop after Jan 16th.

Also if you purchase this set by Feb 28 st 2015, it will comes with HD COIN GACHA coin!
Attach coin to yourself at HD headquarter shop and play the HD COIN GACHA machine to get wonderful prizes!

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by Creations(Phate Shepherd)