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~ 2014-11-28
hd sex ball gacha(hd gacha coin only)


"The ball room" is kind of dead term now, is it?
It appears to be 2008 is the last year that the last SEX BALL came out from HappyDispatch.
Still there are requests for these anims to put in user's furnitures so sexballs were still in my shop.
As now I am trying to put PG and Adult area together, these space consuming ball area going to be closed.

Due to above, I have put my sexballs excepts few to be coin gacha.
Each 1 ball have 1 position though there are multiple anims in a ball with different grinds or speeds.
Please note that you may need to hand-pick anims carefully from one ball when you put anims into your furniture.
One fellatio ball can take up one full page of the dialog menu!

You can play this gacha by using HD GACHA COIN.