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New/update::[HD]Summer Bunking ZABUTON(Single)

~ 2014-09-08
 update:[HD]Summer Bunking ZABUTON(Single)



A Japanese cushion that you can fold and make it like pillow when you like to nap at Engawa (Japanese veranda/corridor).
Of course you can sit on this cushion like as is.
Designed for Engawa-ish step to place this item.
Props like paperbacks, comics and notebooks for homeworks make you feel like Japanese summer vacation.
Loaded with varieties of poses, many props like Uchiwa-fan, even you can put your own animation from your AO and snacks,
Bilingual and Bi-cultural - put Japanese mode on, all messages from props will be written in Japanese, some props like homework notebook will change to the one used in Japan.
Writing animation will be different in Japanese mode - it writes vertically instead of horizontally in western countries,
I hope you enjoy these differences especially if you are not from Japan.
Homework menu is single version only.

Color and cover texture of cushion can change according to your location and mood, from 15!
18 single person animation and each over 30 sec!
Of course and as always, all animations and meshes are HD original.

Update:September 7 /2014

Along with Couples version release, Single version got new update -ver1.1
Added 4 single animation newly made for couples version.
Several script bug fix.
People who purchased single version will receive update ver1.1 by September 10th via updater script.
If you did not receive update after Sep 10th, Please try to come HD headquarter and touch the update giver located at the entrance.