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HD Point Gift System instructions

~ 2013-11-25
Happy Dispatch is distributing points when it releases group notes.
By earning those points, you can exchange points to special gifts.

To do this, you need two items.

・Point card

・Point ticket
SL 13-11-12

You can get Point card at the entrance of HD headquarter, or from Marketplace.

Market place
HD headquarter Point gify area

Point tickets are distributed when HD send group notices.
There will be more ways to earn point tickets in future until there are more fat line-ups of special gifts.

//// How to charge points ////

* Get a point card.

* Earn point tickets.
-> You need to join HD update group and wait until further group notices.

* Wear point card first
->It appears left top screen as HUD.

* Wear point ticket next
->When it displays skull please delete the point ticket.

//// How to exchange points to gifts ////

Wear point card charged with certain points and hold your left mouse button for 2 seconds on the gift display you wish to exchange at HD headquarter entrance.
The gift will be delivered in exchange for points.
If someone else operating the gift system at the time, please wait until it gets done to avoid system troubles.

//// Rules and notes ////

Point tickets that you can get from group notice are no-transfer.
Ticket object will break when you take script out of the object.
Points you can get from other sources will be transfer-able.

Point card initializes its points when the card transfered to someone else.
You can charge 1000PT to one point card.
There is no expiration of points though HD may ends gift point services without prior notice.

You can not trace points to Linden dollars.
Please avoid charging points or exchanging points to gifts when the lag hitting the SIM.
HD may refrain someone who exploits the point system.

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