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New:::HD full perm Couple animation 05-08 for Sofa

~ 2012-11-03
SOFA COUPLE 05-08 setanim


From HAPPYDISPATCH - New full perm couple animation No.5 - No.8 have been released.

 No.5 - No.8 are relaxing couple animation for sofa or bed.
 Each one contains 2 types of 30 seconds loop couple animation.
 2 types of anim can be played continuously as 1 minute loop sequence,
 If you have scripts that capable to play multiple animations as sequence (XPOSE, MPS etc), you can use these animation as 1 minute loop sequence, or you can set 2 types of 30 seconds loop animations.

300L for each anim. 4 pack set is 980L.

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