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Info::New discounted price for old items

~ 2012-10-17
It has been almost 7 years since HAPPYDISPATCH opened to the grid.
Would be good time for deleting some really old ones, and set new discounted prices for items that being around more than a year.

AO, poses will be 50% off

ie) AO set 700L→350L

Single AO anim 50L→25L  35L→17L
Single Pose 15L→7L

Furnitures will be about 20% off
Bench 1200L→980L
Bench full set 2200→1780L
Bath 2200L→1780L

Couple animation balls will be about 30% off
ie) 150L→100L       200L→140L       100L→70L

Some adult animation balls I have set new price 2 months ago. Except for those most adult balls are now 50% off.

Please note those prices above are subject to change without prior notice.