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NEW::HD Multi animation WORKOUT MAT

~ 2012-07-19


From basic workouts like Push-Up and Sit-Up to Aerobic exercises like Shadow-Boxing or even ZEN, you can work out every single muscle of your avi!

Of course you can workout quietly by yourself, though if you have a partner or friend they will become your personal trainer too!
Sometime strict, sometime soft, they will train you. Even you can ask them for a massage after the workout.
31 animations total - 30 brand new animations!
all original animation.

When you use the mat with another person, Trainee has to sit on the mat prim and Trainer has to sit on the shadow prim. If both clicked the mat and try to sit, person who sit the last will become the trainer.

=31 animations in total!all original animation by HAPPY DISPATCH
=Facial animations. (can be stopped if not required)
=Animations play synchronised perfectly
=Menu Driven
=Adjust positions to dialog menu
=Two way animation switching
=No poseball
=FULLY animated, NO static poses!
=2prim Mod/Trans/ 8texture
Single menu(Mat)
•Back extension

Single menu(shadow)
•Default B
•Laid up
•Donkey kick

pair  menu(Training)
•Back extension2
•Pair stretch
•Pair stretc2
•Mit Work
•Flying JOG

pair  menu(Massage)

Texture menu(all 8color)
•Rose pink