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NEW:HD Multi animation stool [vintage cube] and [wood cube]

~ 2011-07-08

Long waited new release from HAPPY DISPATCH!

It's a lovely stool with bunch of animations.

When single person sits down on the stool, it plays animations for single sits. When second person join on the stool, it plays animations for 2 persons.
9 animations for single sits, 6 of two person animations for friends, another 6 animations for couples - Total of 36 animations included!
For single animations you can sit on the shadow to play floor sit animations, you can sit on the stool prim to play stool sit animations.
You can SWAP these positions too!
Owner of this stool can adjust sit positions per animation individually.

No ball rezzing - simple and smart operations!

Two designs:

HD Multi animation stool [vintage cube]

HD Multi animation stool Vintage cube

A low stool with pop and vintage colored 60's American diner style.

market place:
HD Multi animation stool [wood cube]

HD Multi animation stool wood cube

Simple, modest and subdued,
And yet rich wine-black colored wooden squarely low stool.
Great general-purposeness.
Even it fits great in traditional Japanese room if you choose TATAMI texture.

9textures(sheet color)

market place:

*You can see/play demo at my shop but these stools are only available at Market place until August 15th.
*2 person animations require 2 person to see or play anims. If you'd like to demo at my shop, please come with your friend or partner.

Regular price will be 500L$.
BUT until August 15th, it is only 100L$!
Sales until Aug 15th will be donated to Japanese Red Cross as contribution for the east Japan earthquake.

My thought for this donation:
This donation is driven by my own modest passion to do something for those who suffered by the earthquake, thus it is meant to be exchanging my own work and creation to donation.
So it does not mean just for generic donation, it is just my own will. Please refrain to buy this item if you just want to donate - I'd like you to enjoy my creation at first.

Also I will make the list of all transaction numbers for this stool from transaction history open to public.
*Names of avatars won't be exposed.
Reason why I doing this is just for clarification. People who purchased can refer their transaction numbers.

Fees that subtracted for this donation will be the sales and exchange commisions to SL Marketplace. (Fees for enhanced listing will be covered by mysel).
Sales will be exchanged to US$ at LindeX at the highest rate possible to exchange as of August 16th.
* Exchange fees 3.5% of total amount will be subtracted at this point.
Then I will transfer US$ of the sales to paypal account at the rate of US$-Yen as of Aug 16th.

Transaction fees from SL -> paypal -> bank account in Japan will be covered by myself.

Once I receive the receipt from Japanese Red Cross, I will put it up on my blog except my personal information.
It will take 2-3 months to receive.

Please check out the progress of these sometimes, if you are interested.

Have a good one